From the Broker

As a born and raised Iowan, I am looking to help local community owners reach their goals; whether it be buying, selling, or optimizing their current community. 

Matt McCurdy, Broker

Market Data 

Over the past year, inflation has prevented many individuals from buying or building single-family real estate. Affordable housing is in greater demand than ever. Investors are capitalizing on this demand by adding mobile home communities to their portfolios.

Mobile home communities are also attractive to investors by providing lower costs and higher returns. Low vacancy communities are selling at all-time high prices. In comparison, high vacancy communities are sitting on the market longer. Proper marketing strategies can help any community sell quickly.

It is no secret costs are increasing across the board from utilities to materials to labor. Owners should keep a close eye on their numbers during these times. Increasing rent is the easiest way to recover added costs but keep your political landscape and the market rent in mind before taking action. 


I have found by using the 4 mediums below, I am able to generate more interest and offers. By targeting other agents, buyers directly, and using my list of contacts – I WILL get top dollar for your community!

- Multiple Listing Service (Target Agents)
- Internet (Target Buyers)
- Social Media
- Personal Sphere of Influence


With the unofficial minimum wage at approximately $15/hr., it is no surprise management costs have increased as well.

In my most recent purchase, I was able to optimize management processes by leveraging my LEAN/6-sigma skillset. These were true bottom-line impacts. Call to learn more!

Solar Implementation

To become more sustainable and decrease utility costs, I have installed solar security lights throughout our communities – saving nearly $700 each month in utility bills. In addition, I am going to be installing solar panels to power all park owned buildings in 2022. Call to learn more!


Implementing covered/uncovered storage to increase revenue and limit turnover. Call to learn more about our creative solution to provide affordable self-storage.