In the heart of real estate lies exceptional customer service, a principle we at Scottsman Real Estate hold paramount. Our commitment extends beyond transactions; we focus on fully understanding and satisfying our clients' desires and requirements, ensuring a holistic and fulfilling real estate experience.


Scottsman Real Estate guides you through every real estate transaction, from your first to your hundredth. We offer expertise in changing markets, personalized advice, and insights to ensure you make well-informed decisions. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of real estate.


At Scottsman Real Estate, we view communication as a vital two-way street, essential for ensuring your success in real estate. Our approach goes beyond simply providing timely responses; we proactively engage in dialogue, encouraging and valuing your questions and feedback. This active communication fosters a deeper understanding of your goals and enables us to tailor our services more effectively. We dedicate ourselves to your success, believing that our commitment to open, ongoing conversations is key to achieving your real estate objectives.


Mobile Home Communities 

As an owner of mobile home communities, we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges, financial impact, and opportunity there is in owning real estate.

If you are considering buying and/or selling your mobile home community, please call today!

Rental Properties

We own and manage over 30 rental properties in the area through our property management company, Scotttsman Properties.

We invest in neighborhoods and properties we own to ensure we find tenants who love the home as much as we do.

Primary Residence

As a full-service broker, we have the knowledge and experience to represent you when you list or buy a home. 

Our knowledge and experience allows us to find the best home for you to purchase, and the best buyer for your home when you are looking to sell.