Real Estate is fundamentally a customer service industry. In our eyes, the transaction is not complete until we have met all of our client's wants and needs. 


Good communication like a two-way street. Not only do we give timely responses to our clients, but actively seek out questions and feedback. 


Whether it is your first or one hundred and first real estate transaction, we will teach you what you need to know to make the best decision. It can be difficult to know how to handle changing markets, so let us help guide you. 


Mobile Home Communities 

As an owner of mobile home communities, we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges, financial impact, and opportunity there is in owning real estate.

If you are considering buying and/or selling your mobile home community, please call today!

Rental Properties

We own and manage over 30 rental properties in the area through our property management company, Scotttsman Properties.

We invest in neighborhoods and properties we own to ensure we find tenants who love the home as much as we do.

Primary Residence

As a full-service broker, we have the knowledge and experience to represent you when you list or buy a home. 

Our knowledge and experience allows us to find the best home for you to purchase, and the best buyer for your home when you are looking to sell.